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Azimuth Social Research provides rigorous, multi-lingual, cross-cultural data and analysis for private, public, and non-profit organizations. Our team operates in both international and domestic contexts, often in low-income countries and with remote, off-the-grid populations.     


We offer customized solutions for clients seeking to:

  • Choose the most reliable, impactful and cost-effective methods and vendors for gathering important information.  

  • Manage and execute research projects from start to finish. 

  • Understand the views, needs and reactions of diverse populations using surveys, focus groups, ethnography, content analysis, community consultations and more.  

  • Understand the correlates of their public reputations.

  • Monitor and evaluate their projects and impacts.

  • Present stakeholders with transparent, rigorous and defensible evidence.

  • Communicate complex research findings to diverse audiences. 

Azimuth draws on the years of expertise and professional networks of experienced academics and practitioners, many of whom have published widely in their fields.


Azimuth advisors are trained in the social sciences, impact evaluation and project management.   

Please contact us at to learn more. 


What is an "Azimuth"?

An azimuth is the angle between the true north and a given compass bearing. The word exists in many languages and derives from the medieval Arabic al-sumūt, or "the directions." 

Azimuth Social Research provides clients with evidence-based guidance to navigate complex cultural, political and social terrains.  


Our work helps organizations improve their operations and reputations, evaluate their impact and provide stakeholders with high quality, reliable evidence.


Contact us at to learn more.  

Organizations our advisors have worked with

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