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Mission and Values



Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative research and evaluation solutions for the private, public, and non-profit sectors. We pursue this mission by using up-to-date social science methods and generating rigorous quantitative and qualitative evidence and analysis. Our advisors are experienced professionals who, together with our clients, determine the most effective and efficient solutions.  


Anti-corruption and integrity

We have zero tolerance for corruption in any and all internal operations. All Azimuth advisors and staff are expected to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior. We also expect partners and suppliers to do their utmost to prevent corruption.


Human rights

We are committed to upholding and respecting internationally defined human rights in all of our operations and partnerships. Our analyses will be attentive to issues of power and marginalization, both of which are essential components of a human rights-sensitive analysis. 



We are committed to gender equality and diversity. We constantly strive to recruit a more diverse roster of advisors, consultants, and partners. We actively consider questions of gender and diversity in our data collection and analyses.


Climate and environment

We are committed to safeguarding the environment and climate. We minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact by operating whenever possible on a virtual basis. We work with local partners and suppliers whenever possible.

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