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Research Partners

Azimuth has worked with data collection and analysis providers across the globe. We have developed research partnerships with a number of these agencies, including:


The Casablanca-based LMS-CSA Marketing and Sondages is one of Morocco’s largest marketing and public opinion research groups. It gathers both quantitative (through face-to-face and telephone surveys) and qualitative data (through semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and ethnographic observation). Its clients include major private corporations, such as Fromageries Bel (the “Laughing Cow” cheese company) and Coca Cola Company; international polling firms, such as Gallup; public agencies, such as the Moroccan tourism agency, Morocco’s central bank (Bank al Maghrib), and Morocco’s ministry of economy and finance; and international institutions, including UNICEF, the European Union and the World Bank.

Palestine Center for Policy

The non-profit, Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research is a leading public opinion and public policy think tank. Its main focus is Palestinian public opinion and policy, but it regularly conducts polls in Israel and Arab states with local partners. The agency specializes in face-to-face surveys and is an implementing partner of the Arab Barometer project. It regularly partners with major universities and think tanks such as Brandeis University, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The Center publishes a recurring Palestinian public opinion poll on political, diplomatic and other issues.


The Lagos-based Practical Sampling International agency specializes in face-to-face and computer-assisted telephone surveys for marketing, opinion and social research. Although based in Nigeria, its team works all over Africa in local languages as well as French and English. Its clients include private corporations, such as the Coca Cola Company and Cadbury; news agencies, such as the BBC; international institutions, such as the World Bank; bilateral assistance providers, such as the Canadian Agency for International Development; and academic institutions, including as the University of Michigan and Oxford University. Practical Sampling International is an implementing partner in the AfroBarometer project.


The Toronto-based RIWI Corp. is a global survey technology and sentiment analysis firm with significant expertise documenting public attitudes, behaviors, and observations through polling around the world using the specific research method patented by the company. RIWI’s survey technology enables the continuous capture of broad, randomized opinion data on an uninterrupted basis in any geography, rapidly gathering anonymous survey responses in real-time, particularly from otherwise hard-to-reach populations. RIWI works with major universities such as Cornell and the University of Toronto; international institutions such as the United Nations and World Bank; and governments, including that of the United States. For a World Bank report based on RIWI surveys, see Building for Peace: Reconstruction for Security, Sustainable Peace, and Equity in the Middle East and North Africa. RIWI’s patented methodology is described in detail in Annex 3, starting with page 88

Team C-Voter india

The New Delhi-based Team C-Voter specializes in face-to-face, telephone and internet surveys; public opinion; market research; focus groups; qualitative interviewing; project evaluations; and political consulting. Its clients include the international media, such as the BBC, India TV, Reuters and the Times of India; international polling agencies, such as Gallup; academic institutions, such as the University of Minnesota and Yale University; and international institutions, including the World Bank. Its staff have conducted research in 30 different countries

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