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The Azimuth Team

The core Azimuth advisory team consists of experienced, multilingual researchers and practitioners with rigorous social science training and many years of practical experience in dozens of countries. They are experts in their field, often with published national and international reputations, and they advise, manage, or implement Azimuth projects. Our core advisors also assist in the recruiting, training, and supervising of shorter term, project-based staff. Many Azimuth advisors have particular expertise with research in low or middle-income countries. 

Ghita Benessahraoui

Azimuth Advisor for Civil Society; Government Policy; Project Evaluation; Small Enterprise Development.


Ghita Benessahraoui is an international development and project evaluation professional working with international and domestic clients in her native Morocco. Ghita speaks fluent English in addition to her native French, Modern Standard Arabic and Darija, Morocco’s dialect.

Charli Carpenter

Azimuth Advisor for Gender; International Organizations; Peace and Security; Research Methods.


Charli Carpenter  is a professor of international relations and legal studies at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her areas of research and teaching include international advocacy and law and human security. She has substantial field experience in the former Yugoslavia, among other countries.

David Crow

Azimuth Advisor for Survey Design, Implementation and Analysis; Statistical Methods.


David Crow is a data scientist and survey researcher with expertise in surveys, epidemiological surveillance and modeling, and statistical analysis. He has designed and led surveys in the north and sub-Saharan Africa, India, and Latin America. In addition to his native English, David speaks Spanish with native fluency and has strong French-language skills.

Kendra Dupuy

Azimuth Advisor for Corporate Social Responsibility; Energy, Environment, and Natural Resource Management; Project Evaluation and Management; Research Methods.


Kendra Dupuy is a researcher and certified project manager affiliated with Norway's Peace Research Institute and Chr. Michelsen Institute. Her expertise is in energy, the environment, and public service delivery. She has substantial international field experience, particularly in Africa. Kendra speaks Norwegian and French in addition to her native English.

James Ron


James Ron Frohlich has over thirty years of research experience as a journalist, researcher with Human Rights Watch, and tenured professor at leading universities in the US, Canada and Mexico. His areas of expertise include population-based surveys, qualitative research, armed conflict, civil society, human rights & public health.  Jim speaks Spanish & French in addition to his native English & Hebrew.


Pierre Englebert, PhD

Azimuth Advisor for African Politics; Political Economy; Statistical Analysism  


Pierre Englebert is a professor at Pomona College, where he teaches and does research on African politics, statistical methods, and political economy. He has extensive field experience in sub-Saharan Africa and native fluency in both French and English.

Shannon Golden

Azimuth Advisor for Data Analysis and Visualization; Project and Program Evaluation; Research Methods and Social Measurement.


Shannon Golden  designs, leads and conducts international survey research and project evaluations. She has substantial field experience in the Middle East and Africa.

Ran Hassin

Azimuth Advisor for the Science of Decision-Making; Research Design; Statistical Analysis


Ran Hassin is a professor of cognitive psychology at Hebrew University, where he teaches and researches the cognitive, emotional, and motivational processes involved in individual decision-making. Ran speaks fluent English and professional French in addition to his native Hebrew.


Claire Methven O’Brien, PhD

Azimuth Advisor for Business and Human Rights; Corporate Social Responsibility.


Claire Methven O’Brien is Lecturer and Baxter Fellow at the University of Dundee’s Law School, where she directs the LLM Business and Human Rights. Claire has published widely across scholarly and practitioner venues, and is a leading expert on the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and on responsible corporate business conduct.

Aseem Prakash

Azimuth Advisor for Environmental Regulation; Corporate Governance; and Research Methods.


Aseem Prakash is a professor of political science at the University of Washington, Seattle. His expertise is environmental policy, climate governance, NGOs and nonprofits, and voluntary or private regulation. Aseem has substantial experience in India, among many other countries.

Valerie percival

Azimuth Advisor for Armed Conflict; Gender; International Public Health; Project Evaluation.  


Valerie Percival is a professor at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) in Ottawa, where she teaches and does research on armed conflict, gender, civilians in war, and public health. She has substantial field experience in the Balkans and sub-Saharan Africa. Valerie speaks French in addition to her native English.

Richard Wood

Azimuth Advisor for Corporate Social Responsibility; Organizational Strategy; Project Evaluation; Qualitative Research


Richard Wood is a professor in the department of sociology at the University of New Mexico, where he teaches and does research on Catholic reform, democracy, social movements, racial equity and religious communities. He has extensive ethnographic research experience in Latin America and the Middle East. Rich is fluent in Spanish in addition to his native English.

Organizations our advisors have worked with

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