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Data Analysis Services

Data Analysis Services: Reputation Analysis

Today reputation analysis is essential for organizations that want to know what stakeholders, consumers, clients, funders, and investors think about their goods, services, employees, and management. Azimuth conducts reputation analysis for organizations, using a wide range of tools, including quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Our data analysis services include population-based surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, international analysis, and ethnographic research.

When it comes to reputation analysis, our service partners import hundreds of thousands of news articles, which we sift through using data analysis services, tailored keyword searches, and filters to conduct sentiment analysis using adjustable algorithms. We survey stakeholders and members of the general population as part of our reputation analysis service to determine how the public, employees, and other stakeholders view an organization, its products, and projects.

Our data analysis services make research efficient for a single community or a world region. Azimuth Social Research leverages partnerships with polling agencies worldwide to utilize the most appropriate survey methods in our data analysis services. Some of the tools we use for reputation analysis include computer-assisted telephone interviews, face-to-face surveys, and digital technologies.

Additionally, our interviews, focus groups, and ethnography offer qualitative research methods that can formulate essential questions for large-scale surveys and provide valuable learning opportunities. Azimuth conducts in-depth interviews and focus groups to reveal data for reputation analysis.

If your organization is looking for reputation analysis or other data analysis services, Azimuth Social Research can design the best mix of research techniques to uncover the answers you need. And we can do it efficiently and cost-effectively. Email us today to develop a plan.

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