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Monitoring and Evaluation

International Internet Surveys Monitoring and Evaluation

An evaluation can be formative, goals-based, process or outcome-oriented, economic, impact, or summative. Monitoring and evaluation might be a requirement for investors or donors. Or it could be that your organization wants to conduct monitoring and evaluation to ensure integrity, reassure its staff, and adhere to internal or external guidelines.

Through Azimuth Social Research, monitoring and evaluation ensure more effective, cost-efficient, and ethical business practices informed by data. Azimuth Social Research monitoring and evaluation services help organizations monitor and evaluate their social impacts through international internet surveys and more.

International internet surveys can help an organization meet human rights standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Your organization and investors, donors, and clients benefit from Azimuth Social Research monitoring and evaluation services. What's more, monitoring and evaluating projects, products, and programs give you baseline data and clear, cost-effective methods for collecting new data.

Baseline data gathering from international internet surveys, focus groups, and ethnography offers data to demonstrate successes and illustrate how your staff has learned from and addressed its mistakes. When you work with Azimuth Social Research, we'll create a monitoring and evaluation plan from start to finish. We can collect the data through international internet surveys and more or train your staff in best monitoring and evaluation practices.

Azimuth Social Research conducts international internet surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups and will embed researchers within a specific locale or population. We provide the best mix of research techniques for your organization to uncover the answers you need efficiently and cost-effectively. Our advisors publish in high-quality scholarly journals and reach a general readership through respected publications such as the Washington Post.

Are you wondering what to do about monitoring and evaluation? Azimuth Social Research can help. Get in touch to make a plan.

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