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Indian Public Fears Deteriorating Economic Situation

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

On February 2, 2021, Azimuth Research Partner Team C-Voter announced that almost half of respondents in a nationally representative Indian survey said that "future expenses will become difficult to manage." Over one third, moreover, said the Indian government had just presented a national budget that was "worst than expected."

This finding, Team C-Voter explained, was a departure from the usual pattern in Indian politics. Usually it's the other way around," Team C-Voter said; "the Narendra Modi government gets brickbats for its handling of a crisis from experts but its popularity remains intact in surveys."

In this instance, however, public "surveys revealed a far more pessimistic picture than what experts said in studios and columns."

Team C-Voter is a Delhi-based research partner of Azimuth Social Research, specializing in face-to-face, telephone and internet surveys; public opinion; market research; focus groups; qualitative interviewing; project evaluations; and political consulting.

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