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Women & Children Out: Is This a Good Policy?

As the Russian invasion bore down on eastern and southern Ukraine, millions of refugees rushed to trains, busses and cars to flee the country. The Ukrainian government barred males aged 18-60 from leaving, saying they were needed for the fight.

In a March 11 article in World Politics Review, Azimuth advisor Charli Carpenter wrote about the gender discrimination inherent in this policy. The ban on male flight unfairly discriminates based on gender, she says, and deprives the country of the services of those Ukrainian women willing and able to fight.

Read the full article here.

This is not the first time that Charli Carpenter has written provocative articles on gender discrimination and armed conflict. For example, this fascinating article on the massacre of Bosnian males in Srebrenica, and this counter-intuitive piece on the gender discrimination inherent in military conscription.


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