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Public Opinion Research

Azimuth Social Research: International Public Opinion Research

Public opinion is the sum of views in a population that research reveals through study samples, surveys, polls, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. Sound public opinion research reflects the publics' values, beliefs, and also their concerns. It's important to conduct public opinion research in business to identify what's needed to address service and organizational issues.

For example, public opinion research can uncover the issues people are aware of and what they think is most important. International research helps organizations understand the different cultures they do business with and aids in understanding what services are needed.

Azimuth Social Research provides research design, management, and execution with innovative research and evaluation solutions for the private, public, and non-profit sectors. And, we apply the same rigorous solutions to cross-cultural, international, and context-sensitive groups. We include comparative studies with opinion research that aims to be comprehensive.

As public opinion research and international research specialists, we manage and execute data gathering, analysis, and evaluation for domestic and international research. Beginning with design and costing, we'll manage your project throughout its entire lifecycle, conducting either secondary data analysis or gathering and analyzing new information.

Some of the ways Azimuth collects qualitative data include focus groups, one-on-one interviews, ethnography, media analysis, and surveys. Additionally, we work with third-party vendors to identify media sources in appropriate languages for international research. We also use partners to design data collection algorithms and evaluate media coverage attention and fluctuations.

We can work with your team to develop specialized publications or help you write an op: ed, a memo to stakeholders, or an internal communications booklet. Azimuth Social Research designs public opinion research and international research solutions with a team of experienced advisors and partners who handle data gathering and analysis with cutting-edge, rigorous, and transparent techniques.

Please contact Azimuth Social Research to find out how our services can help your organization.

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