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Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research vs. Qualitative Research

Quantitative research and qualitative research are different methods used to collect and analyze data. First, quantitative research establishes generalizable facts about a topic or population. This method tests and confirms theories and assumptions through data and statistics and visualizes research with numbers and graphs.

On the other hand, qualitative research works to understand experiences throughout a population. Qualitative research provides in-depth insights through interviews with open-ended questions, recording observations, categorizing, and exploring ideas. While quantitative research focuses on analyzing data through math and statistics, qualitative research evaluates concepts through discussion and subjectivity.

Some quantitative data collection methods include multiple-choice surveys conducted in-person, via telephone, or online. Controlled experiments are quantitative research to reveal cause-and-effect relationships. And observations in natural environments where there isn't control over the variable are also good for data comparisons.

Qualitative data collection methods include asking open-ended questions, whether in a one-on-one interview or a focus group. Qualitative research is about gathering opinions. Ethnography is another way to conduct qualitative research by joining a community or organization to observe the culture and individual behavior closely.

Azimuth Social Research conducts in-depth interviews, focus groups, embeds researchers within a specific locale or population, and designs the best mix of qualitative research and qualitative research techniques. We efficiently and cost-effectively uncover the answers you need. Azimuth chooses our advisors for their ability to publish in high-quality scholarly journals and also to a general readership through respected publications such as the New York Times.

If your organization is searching for research solutions, the team of internationally experienced advisors and research partners at Azimuth Social Research is here to help with data gathering and analysis at home and abroad. We offer cutting-edge, rigorous, and transparent qualitative research and quantitative research solutions.

You can reach us via email to find out how to get started.

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