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Research Communication

Azimuth Social Research Communication and Management

Azimuth provides research communications and research management that your organization can count on for actionable insights, including data gathering, analysis, and project evaluations. We begin with research communication design and cost estimation and offer research management throughout a project's lifecycle.

You can use our research communication experts to provide secondary data analysis. Conversely, we can gather and analyze new information as part of your organization's research management plan. Azimuth Social Research works closely with your in-house team to ensure you receive cost-effective and ethical communication data in the appropriate format.

Our research management and communication services include collecting qualitative data, using focus groups, one-on-one interviews, ethnography, and media analysis. Additionally, we collect and analyze quantitative data through surveys or other methods. We work with third-party vendors to collect media data, identifying media sources in appropriate languages.

Research communication is key to research management. At Azimuth Social Research, we use design data collection algorithms to evaluate media coverage and track media attention. Our research management includes gathering and analyzing the data, then producing a confidential written report with recommendations. We also provide in-person or remote presentations to investors, funders, the media, and other stakeholders as part of our overall research communication.

Azimuth chooses our advisors for their ability to publish in high-quality scholarly journals and publish findings to a general readership through articles in the Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Forbes, Open Democracy, and the New York Times, among others.

If your organization is searching for custom research design and solutions, the team of internationally experienced advisors and research partners at Azimuth Social Research is here to help. We provide data gathering and analysis at home and abroad, with cutting-edge, rigorous, and transparent research communication and research management techniques.

Please contact us via email to find out how we can help your organization.

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