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Azimuth's services begin with research design and pricing, and continue through project management and execution, data analysis and impact evaluations. Our advisors are fluent in qualitative and quantitative methods, and in multiple cultures, languages and world regions.  

The Azimuth Social Research team has extensive experience in developing-world contexts. 

Visual Project

1. Project Design, Proposals and Costing

If you are seeking funding for a project, Azimuth will work with your team to design and craft proposals for potential funders and investors. We will also design and cost your options for data gathering and analysis; design systems for monitoring and evaluation; and ensure your workplan adheres to relevant international, national or sector-specific guidelines. Our costing service will lay out all the possibilities with different vendors, along with our recommendations.

2. Research Management & Execution

Azimuth can also manage and execute your data gathering, analysis and evaluation project. We begin with design and costing as outline above, and then manage your project throughout its entire lifecycle. We can conduct either secondary data analysis or gather and analyze new information. We will work closely with your team to ensure you receive the data you need, in the format you desire, and in the most cost-effective and ethical manner.

Researching and Writing
Monitoring Room

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

Most organizational leaders will want, at some point in the course of a project, program, product’s or portfolio’s lifecycle, to monitor and evaluate their social impacts. Evaluations can be formative, process, outcome, economic, impact, summative, or goals-based.


Often, monitoring and evaluation is an investor or donor requirement; in other cases, it is simply something the organization wants to do itself to ensure its own integrity, reassure its staff, and adhere to internal or external guidelines. In still other cases, leaders need “lessons learned” so that they can continue their future work in a more effective, cost-efficient and ethical manner.

4. Reputation Analysis 

Many organizations want to know what stakeholders, consumers, clients, funders and investors think of them and their work. Azimuth can conduct a 360-degree reputation analysis using a wide range of methodological tools, including both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

These may include population-based surveys, international media analysis, focus groups, one-on-one interviews and ethnographic research.  

Financial Report

5. Organization and Facilitation of Workshops

If you have an important issue to work on with your team -  a new monitoring and evaluation plan, a brainstorming sessions on incorporating UN Sustainable Development Goals into your work, or an informational session on new data collection and analysis methods – Azimuth can help facilitate the workshop, using both a trained facilitator as well as a subject matter expert. We can do this remotely or in person, once COVID restrictions are lifted.

Workshop Tools
Chemistry Class

6. Research Communication

In many instances, the data you collect, analyze and report on internally is organized in hard-to-read fashion, complete with poor or misleading visualizations, too much jargon, poorly organized structure, and fuzzy recommendations.


Azimuth can work with your team to transform your research into top quality prose, data analysis, and data visualization, with a level of specialized language appropriate to the various audiences you want to reach. We can work with your team to develop a scholarly paper for publication in a specialized journal, but can also help you write an op. ed, a memo to stakeholders, or an internal communications booklet that is easy-to-read, and in multiple languages.

All services are available as stand-alone "a la carte" items or as all-inclusive packages. Contact us at to learn more. 

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